Taskix - reorder taskbar tabs and more

  Reorder taskbar tabs

  Scroll tabs with mouse wheel

  Close tabs with middle-click

  Supports UltraMon taskbars

  Quick access to Desktop

  Small - Simple - Effective
Taskix runs in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

~ 32 bits ~

~ 64 bits ~

Taskix32_2.1.msi (213 KB) Taskix64_2.1.msi (244 KB)


"Personally, I was pleasant surprised by what Taskix can do. It is small, it doesn't consume resources (it needs somewhere around 1mb of RAM memory and 1mb free space on your hard disk) and most important, it does the job really well." ...
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"Taskix revolutionizes the way people work with and navigate multiple taskbar tabs - completely easy, fast and customizable."...

"Taskix is a very useful program for those who need to work with multiple windows as it makes it less time consuming and easier to manage all the open tabs." ...
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Why register?
Even unregistered, Taskix has the same functionality and is not limited in time or in performance. However paying the $4.00 license fee is your Thank You for the considerable time and effort invested by me in Taskix. In order to do this please open your Taskix control window, hit the Register button and then follow the instructions or go directly to the registration page. Thank you!
Version History

11/05/2009 Version 2.1 
08/04/2009 Version 2.1 Beta 
- Enhancement: Support UltraMon older version 2
- Change: Don't flash windows when closing them with middle-click
- Bug fix: Some windows minimizing to the system tray were handled incorrectly when restored with Taskix
04/03/2009 Version 2.0 Beta 
- Feature: Scroll programs with mouse wheel over taskbar
- Feature: Support UltraMon taskbars
- Feature: Show Desktop methods
- Feature: Maximize/restore windows methods
- Enhancement: Configuration options
04/03/2008 Version 1.5 
03/11/2008 Version 1.5 Beta 2 
- Enhancement: Change mouse cursor while dragging
- Bug fix: Sometimes dragging stopped before releasing the left mouse button
02/13/2008 Version 1.5 Beta 
- Feature: Close windows with middle-click on taskbar button
11/22/2007 Version 1.4 
11/11/2007 Version 1.4 Beta 
- Bug fix: Moving items within a collapsed group list did not always work
- Bug fix: Items within a collapsed group list continued to move after an item was right-clicked to bring up the context menu
01/29/2007 Version 1.3 
- Portability: Support for Windows Vista
01/16/2007 Version 1.2 
- Portability: Support for Windows Server 2003
- Portability: Separate 64 Bit version
- Bug fix: Taskix had the potential to affect some low level programs. Reported to have caused Outpost Firewall PRO to freeze.
12/01/2006 Version 1.1 
- Bug fix: Taskix crashed on system startup if Windows duplicated its startup keys. Reported on Windows XP Home Edition.
11/20/2006 Version 1.0 

Suggestions, bug reports and any comments are welcome on adi@robustit.com.